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Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers and machines are extremely convenient appliances that provide a large supply of ice whenever you need it — whether for the big game, a special celebration, or a family picnic. Most homeowners have a small ice maker in their freezer, while others have larger standalone machines. Both can run into problems on occasion.
The good news is that Travis County Appliance Repair technicians are here to help. Ice maker troubleshooting and repair in Austin, TX is part of our everyday agenda.
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Types of Ice Machines & Makers We Repair:




Some Common Issues:

Your freezer is too warm. Temperatures must be between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit for proper function.
The water filter is clogged. Clogged filters can easily prevent the flow of water to your ice maker, preventing ice production.
There are issues with the freezer switch. This switch may be either defective or accidentally shut off in some cases
The mold thermostat is defective. This device ejects ice cubes once they reach proper temperature, preventing advancement and refills when defective.
The water inlet valve is defective. When this electromechanical valve malfunctions, water supply is cut off.
The ice maker produces malformed ice cubes. Low water flow from a clogged water filter or supply line issues may cause the evaporator to freeze, creating undersized cubes or
Low incoming water pressure. Inadequate water pressure, less than 20 psi, can restrict water supply to your ice machine.
There is water leaking in the machine. If cubes appear oversized, a leaky water inlet valve may be to blame.
Malfunction with the door switch.The door switch turns on the freezer light and shuts off the ice maker. If the switch fails, the dispenser won’t turn on.
Poor ice cube production. If the environment your machine is in is too warm, production will decrease, as the ice maker takes longer to produce a batch of ice.
The ice level control board fails. The ice level control board turns off the ice maker to prevent overflow when levels of ice reach a certain point.
No ice cube production. Water may shut down if temperature is too high due to other appliances, such as a dishwasher, pumping hot water into the cold water line

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