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Garbage Disposal Repair & Troubleshooting

More than simply a convenient kitchen appliance, garbage disposals help keep food waste out of landfills, which is great for the environment. When your garbage disposal is leaking, clogged, or simply not working, call Travis County Appliance Repair for expert garbage disposal repair and troubleshooting. We’ll repair this vital part of your home and allow you to continue benefiting the earth.

In households with sewer access, disposals send food waste to wastewater treatment plants where organic solids can be processed into fertilizers. More advanced wastewater plants can even capture bio gas from disposal waste for energy production.

We repair two main types of garbage disposals:

Noticed any of the below issues? It may be time to call on the professional technicians at Travis County Appliance Repair for garbage and waste disposal repair in Austin, TX. We work quickly to identify the problem, and we provide a fast and effective solution for your garbage disposal troubles.

Some Common Issues:

The garbage disposal is not working—no power. heck your fuse box or circuit breakers for power issues. Otherwise locate the small, red reset button on the bottom of your system. If it is popped out, the disposal has overheated. Clear the jam and try resetting it. If you have power and there is no sound, the motor is probably worn out.
The garbage disposal is jammed. High fiber foods, cornhusks, avocado leaves, bones, utensils, and more can jam your disposal. Never put your hand in the disposal to clear this jam. If your disposal has a hole for a socket wrench under the motor, use the wrench to rotate the masher plate and attempt to clear the ja
The garbage disposal drain is clogged. Address clogs by turning off the power at the main disconnect, disassembling the trap, and clearing the clog with a drain snake. After reassembly, turn the water on to check if the clog has cleared


These models operate when you flip a wall or accessory switch. A rubber shield or baffle contains food within the unit and helps the disposal run more quietly than other types.


These only activate when the disposal lid is engaged and the disposal is covered. They take a bit longer to set up but are great for homes with children or people who prefer extra safety.

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